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Eatonville Motor Co. (ca. 1918)
Eatonville Motor Co. (ca. 1918)

The Eatonville Motor Co. would later become Christensen Motors. Notice the primitive gas pump out front.

“Early gasoline transfer was a dangerous business, due to storage concerns, spillage and the extreme combustibility of gasoline. Gasoline transfer in these early filling depots consisted of an attendant who either placed his ear to the filling spout of the automobile as the gas was being transferred, and listened for a certain sound that would indicate the automobile was full of fuel, or he simply looked down the filler spout of the automobile eying the filling process. Both systems were very inaccurate and the automobile owner could only hope the car was filled.” (Vintage Gas Pumps)

Kay (Christensen) Davis says, “My Grandpa Pravitz had a garage and Grandpa Christensen took it over.”

For more information, check out Rich William’s comment below!

Photo courtesy of Kay Christensen David and Christensen family.

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