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Eatonville Bank 1964
Eatonville Bank 1964

These shots of the Eatonville Bank are interesting, not just because they were taken in 1964, and things haven’t changed all that much, but because also of the sign out front.

Listed are the following if you continued on Center Street:
19 National
14 Elbe
32 Tacoma
2 Mountain Highway

If you were going to continue on Mashell:
8 Alder
15 Elbe
20 National
22 Ashford
30 Morton
White Pass

Eatonville Bank (2) 1964
Eatonville Bank (2) 1964

29 Rainier National Park, Via Scenic Route
5 Clay City
10 Kapowsin
25 Puyallup
52 Seattle
17 Yelm
30 Tacoma

Gary Hendrickson said he used to live in the arpartment over the bank, and it looks from this shot that there was still an apartment.

If you want to read more about the bank—and the robberies—click HERE.

Photos courtesy of the Baublits family, taken by Joe Larin.

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