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Paradise Valley - 1909
Paradise Valley – 1909

I just purchased this postcard on eBay. It’s a nice shot of Paradise Valley in 1909.

The other cool thing about this is the postage markings on the back, in particular that it reads Seattle World’s Fair 1909. I didn’t even know that Seattle has world’s fair back then.

If you want to read a little on the fair, here’s a great article from the Seattle Times, 100 Years Later, Seattle’s First World’s Fair Remembered”.

Here’s and excerpt: “IT WAS COOL and wet on June 1, the day the A-Y-P opened. Fairgoers arrived by trolley, train, boat and foot — only a few had cars — and began pouring through the turnstiles at 8 a.m.: 50 cents for adults, 25 cents for children (11 cents for everyone at night).

Frederick & Nelson department store gave its employees the day off. Standard Furniture Co. offered A-Y-P bargains: $1.65 kitchen chairs and $17.85 davenports. Credit, of course!”

Photo courtesy of Diane Mettler

1909 Worlds Fair in Seattle
1909 Worlds Fair in Seattle

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