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Griffith & Graeber Camp, 1925This photo of the Griffith & Graeber Camp, taken August 10, 1925, is a great family shot.

Patty Harris can identify her family: Front row, second from left: Otto Carl Nensen. Second row, second from left: Emmy Evelyn Nensen. Second row, sixth from left: Mary Ann Nensen. Second row, seventh from left: Emma Westin Nensen.

Thank you Loraine Graeber for filling in the gaps.

Starting at the top, going right to

1-Bert Morrison
3-Ed Logan
4-Bill Black
5-Richard Griffith
6-said to be representative from St. Paul and Tacoma Lumber Company
7-Roland “Fuzzy” Griffith (Emil’s partner)
8-Roy Hurd
9-Art Black
10-Judd Morrison
12-Charles Graeber (Emil’s brother)
13-Jack Hagstead
14-Margaret Griffith Ball (Roland Griffith daughter)
15-Nensik girl (Emmy Evelyn Nensen)
16-Mrs. Nellie Griffith (Roland’s wife)
17-Lydia Griffith Hurd
18-Jessie Morrison
19-Nensik girl (Mary Ann Nensen)
20-Mrs. Nensik – cook (Emma Weston Nensen)
21-Amy Griffith Graeber (Roland Griffith daughter-she married Tony Graeber, Emil’s brother) Tony became a partner after the original partnership was formed
24-“Old Hi Black”
25-Andy Balmer (Otto Nensen?)
26-Arthur Hurd
27-Adult unknown
28-Clara Griffith (Roland Griffith daughter)
29-Adult unknown
30-Everett Graeber (son of Tony and Amy)
31-Fred Morrison
32-Wilma Hurd
33-Adult unknown
35-Perry Smith
36-Evelyn Graeber (daughter of Tony and Amy)
37-Tony Graeber

Photo courtesy of Patty Harris.

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