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Glacier Basin early 1900s vs. 2016
Glacier Basin early 1900s vs. 2016

Thank you Jeff Morrison for showing us a glimpse of Glacier Basin then and now. The first shot was taken in the early 1900s, the lower one taken in 2016.

The Glacier Basin hike is a popular one at Mt. Rainier. The information below was taken from the website:

“Originally a mining road along the Inter Fork of the White River, the route was converted into a trail when the area became a national park. Visitors ranged from climbers accessing the popular Emmons Glacier, to families strolling out of White River campground. Located in close proximity to the dynamic, glacier-fed White River, the original trail was frequently damaged by the river’s shifting course. After the floods in 2006, the park elected to build a new trail that was no longer subject to the floods.”

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