Mashell Avenue – ca. 1958

Mashell Avenue, ca 1955 – photo courtesy Pat VanEaton

Mashell Avenue in the 50’s looks like a scene straight out of Back to the Future.

Some of the buildings are no longer standing, like the Red and White Store on the corner (which was then run by Jess Dawkins and Keith Malcom) and Van Cleve’s Ford dealership on the right, which was taken in 2011.

The old lamps were removed, but not destroyed. Some residents recycled them for their own yards.  Keep your eye out and you might spot one or two.

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22 responses to “Mashell Avenue – ca. 1958”

  1. This is how I remember Eatonville as a kid.As I remember, The Red and White later became Dawkins Grocery.
    Kids used to “Cruise the Gut”.That was Mashell ave. from the High School down past the Roxy theater, turn around and cruise back up to the High School.(Over and over)
    I wish it was still like this, but time marches on, and things change. Thankyou very much for these old pictures, and this gerat website !!


  2. WWWWOOOOWWWW!!This is so cool that you put this web site together so we can see how much our roads and town have change!!


    • The Red & White was first T.C. VanEaton’s store before it was the Red & White. I’ll try to get a picture up there. Not, unfortunately, it’s a parking lot.


  3. The Red and White store that Jess Dawkins had also had Keith Malcoms butcher shop and meat market at the rear of the store. Also the store had a long ramp in the front that must have been for deliveries and for us kids to run up and down on the way in and out.


    • That butcher shop later became a small Italian restaurant, called “The Pizza Place,” if I recall correctly. We ate there a couple of times back in 2006 after moving to Eatonville. Soon afterwards, the owners refurbished the old Van Eaton Chevrolet dealership building and moved their restaurant there (calling it “Jebino’s). What a great place that was until it closed down last year. A big loss for the town. The butcher shop building, after the restaurant vacated it, later became a meat market again and is still doing a good business. Funny how some things come around again.

      Brian Wise


      • I didn’t know the but her shop had been a butcher shop prior. Thank. Speaking on stying the same, Jebions may br opening with new ownership. Not the same name, but will probably be Italian food. 🙂


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