Scenic Four Lake Loop Drive

Four Lake Loop Map
Four Lake Loop Map

Sometime in the 50s there was a petition to create a scenic loop drive between four lakes — Kapowsin, Ohop Lake, Tanwax and Clear Lake.

By adding just 2.1 miles of road construction, people could cut off 11 miles of driving time, improve fire protection, increase school bus service and better postal delivery. Who could argue with that?

The petition makes a good argument. And the map is fabulous.

(I’m making the assumption that this was a 1950s petition, based on the map that states the Eatonville Lumber Company is putting out 200,000 ft. daily, and that the petition states Harry Sprinker is our Commissioner. If you have more information, please share!)

Scenic Four Lake Loop Petition
Scenic Four Lake Loop Petition

5 responses to “Scenic Four Lake Loop Drive”

  1. Does anybody have any history on Tanwax Lake, specifically Rainbow Resort? I live in the park and would love to get history of it here. I love this website. I have a huge interest in the history around here and this has been the best knowledge I have seen.


    • Let me start looking and see what I find. In the meantime, you might check out the posting “Scenic Four Lake Loop Drive” on the website. It doesn’t have lots of information, but it does have a pretty cool map and includes Tanwax — of the scenic four. 🙂


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