In Native American Costume — Ready for Fourth of July Parade

Dressed as Native Americans
Dressed as Native Americans

I don’t know much about this photo, except what was written on the back.

Since the horses appear to have hats on and there are flags on the front ot he wagon, I’m guessing these folks are ready for a Eatonville 4th of July parade. (And obviously being politically correct wasn’t an issue back then.)

Leslee Dunlap is the great granddaughter of the driver, William Breuer. She says he was married to Elizabeth and they had Alfred Breuer and Martha (Breuer) Parrish. Williams was an industrious guy. He was a farmer and with his horse Nell and wagon would sell his eggs in front of the the Eatonville Lumber Company. He also worked at the Nitrogen plant for a while and had a boathouse on Ohop Lake. There he had a few cabins for fishermen to stay in.

Anyone who can shed additional light on this incredible  photo, please step up.

Names to go with Native American photo
Names to go with Native American photo

The back of the photo reads: William Breuer driver of wagon, Mrs. Ingersoll – tall Indian chief, Mrs. Canty short Indiana squaw.

Photo courtesy of the Historical Society, and Pat Van Eaton, and Martha Parrish.

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3 responses to “In Native American Costume — Ready for Fourth of July Parade”

  1. This picture is of the Topeka Council #26 degree of Pocahontas (which was part of the order of Red Men) as they get ready for the 1911 4th of July parade. They met at Red Men Hall where Jebino’s is now.

    You can read more on page 88 in the book Firm Foundation.


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