Eatonville Lumber Company, 1916

Eatonville Lumber Co. ca. 1916
Eatonville Lumber Co. ca. 1916

This photo, courtesy of Martha Parrish and Pat Van Eaton, is of the Eatonville Lumber Company store at around 1916.

The Eatonville mill had a good run — in operation from 1896 until it closed up in 1954.

Interesting Fact: The subway systems in New York City used timber from the Eatonville mill.

Although the mill store is gone, there’s still ample evidence of the community. The Eatonville Lumber Company built 22 houses, which they rented for a nominal fee to mill employees. A number of those houses are still standing near Eatonville Millpond Park.

6 responses to “Eatonville Lumber Company, 1916”

  1. The man in the wagon is Martha Parrish’s father. The small building on the far left is the company office. the mill burner in the background had a 18″ water jacket to preheat the water before in went into the steam boilers. It was replaced by the wigwam burner after the mill burned in the 1930’s which fell down several years ago in a wind storm.


  2. The Eatonville Lumber Company Store in this picture was built in 1908. Two years later, the smaller building on the right, the Company office, was completed. If you venture down to the Eatonville skate park and look across the street, you will see a small brick encasement. This brick encasement is where the large safe was located in the Company office.


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