Post Card to Peterson 1909

1909 Mineral postcard
1909 Mineral postcard

Torger Peterson’s family kept with with folks through postcards and letters. (As did everyone then, since there was no internet and phones were spotty at best.)

This is a fun postcard from Mineral. I’ll have to brush up on my Norwegian to translate the card. I can read this much, “We are back in the woods and it’s cold.”

I like the address — Name, city , state. When it’s 1909 and there are only a handful of people living in the area, that’s all you need.

Photos courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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1909 Postcard to M. T. Peterson
1909 Postcard to M. T. Peterson

6 responses to “Post Card to Peterson 1909”

  1. The postmarks on the card show it got from Mineral to Eatonville on the same day in 1909 & on the 1st on January no less.


  2. Greetings from Norway!

    Here’s a translation of the text (he who has written it, doesn’t use any marks – it’s all in one “sentence”):

    “I am back in the woods it is cold as hell and the ground is white with snow”.


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