Nellie Van Eaton

Nellie Van Eaton in the back yard
Nellie Van Eaton in the back yard

This is a great shot of Nellie Van Eaton, T. C. Van Eaton’s third wife. She’s standing in her back yard.

I’m very thankful we don’t have to do our gardening in dresses today.

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

Click to enlarge photo.

2 responses to “Nellie Van Eaton”

  1. my grandparents lived in the little house that tc built for his mom and when I was little I used to talk to Nellie when she was out working in here garden


    • What a great memory. Can I bug you for some more info – – What did you two talk about? What did the garden look like? What were your grandparents’ names. (Yes, I’m snoop.) 🙂


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