The King Clan – 1889

The King Family
The King Family – 1889

The King family homesteaded in the Silver Lake area and this photo was taken in 1889 in front of the family home.

Front Row (sitting), Left to Right: Orena King (Mrs. Bob Potter), Tennessee Lahuna King (Mrs. Clifford Manning)

Second Row: Hiram P. King, John Dillard King (Father), John’s wife, Margaret C. King, Margaret King (Mr. M. Taylor)

Third Row: Zella King (Mrs. Salva Jensen), Stonewall Jackson King, Ellen rebecca King (Mrs. Louis Grundell), Roscoe B. King, Laura Olympia King (Mrs. C.C. Josselyn), Vivian Lee King (Mrs. Gurnie Van Eaton).

The Kings would have an ongoing impact on the growing community. For example Roscoe went on to open “King’s Place“, next door to the Ohop Grange.

Expect to see their names sprinkled throughout these blog postings.

Photo Courtesy of Monte King.

Click on image to enlarge.

4 responses to “The King Clan – 1889”

  1. John D. King named many so his sons after confederate generals. Notice “Stonewall Jackson.” Referred to as the “Texas people,” the Kings originated from North Carolina before living in Texas prior to coming to Eatonville. This caused some tensions as many in Eatonville were Republicans. 🙂


    • I noticed the confederate generals. Stonewall Jackson is my favorite though. That had to be hard on the kids to walk around with those names just years after the civil war.


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