Building Road to Silver Lake, 1908

Early Eatonville Road Crew taking a break
Early Eatonville Road Crew taking a break

Today when you needed a road repaired, you get in touch with the county or the state highway department. In 1908, if you needed road work you called on your neighbors.

This local group of buys were taking time out for lunch while building the road to Silver Lake were:

Lower row, left to right: Clyde Wallace, George H. Nelson Sr., Clifford Manning, Henry Wesserling, Mr. Finnegan, Frank McTee, Charlie Asmussen.

Middle row, left to right: Chris Nelson, Roscoe King, Alfred Ohneck, Bob Fiander, Milton Smith, Dad Heaton, Charlie McTee.

Top row, left to right: Oscar Faulk, Andrew Anderson, Nels Asplund, Fred Guske Sr., Ace Mattox, Ed Reiter, Ryder, Charlie Kreger, Axel Berg and Louis Wesserling.

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