Summers Days, ca. 1920s

Kids in front of Theater and Methodist Church
Kids in front of Theater and Methodist Church

This shot just makes me smile. Summer day. Kids enjoying the sun. The sign on the Eatonville Theater reads there’s a show tonight. And the Methodist Church bell is just waiting to be rung.

I also like this picture because the kids are sitting on the grass almost where there is a grassy new lawn at the visitor’s center — where there were kids playing yesterday.

Thank god some things — like summer days — never change.

Pictured are:  Ruby Haynes Rulien (far rights), her younger brother, Arne O. Haynes, and two cousins.

Photo courtesy of the Haynes family.

Click to enlarge photo.


2 responses to “Summers Days, ca. 1920s”

  1. This photograph includes: Ruby Haynes Rulien (far right), her younger brother, Arne O. Haynes and our cousins from Olympia, children of Anne’s brother Henry and his wife, Gertrude Christensen. I believe the girl to the far left is Cousin Ardith and the youngest girl MAY have been Bobsy (but that’s a guess). The other daughters in that Olympia branch of the Christensen brood included Pauline and Norma. So, anyone more aligned with our family history may be able to decipher which other girl was with Cousin Ardith. Gert and Henry owned and operated antique stores in the Olympia area for a number of years.


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