Laughing it Up (Williams ca. 1940s & 1998)

Cecil Williams and sisters Joy, Fay and Hettie Lou (ca. 1950s)
Cecil Williams and sisters Joy, Fay and Hettie Lou (ca. 1940s)

Great shots of Cecil Williams and his sisters Joy, Fay and Hettie Lou (grandchildren of Nate Williams) having a little fun.

In the following shot the group is still smiling in 1998.

Photos courtesy of Rich Williams.

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Fay (91 years old), Cecil (89) Joy (88)
Fay (91 years old), Cecil (89) Joy (88)


6 thoughts on “Laughing it Up (Williams ca. 1940s & 1998)”

  1. My dad and Cec’ Williams were good friends. The Williams lived at Clearlake also, and I remember when I was a kid, My dad always talking about Cec’.

    1. I think Rich has mentioned that his dad and yours did a lot of business together. I never knew either and both seem like cook guys. 🙂

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  3. Fay youngest sister, Hettie Lou, standing far right in the first picture died very young. She worked as a checker at a grocery store in Midland. While working at the counter, she fainted hitting her head on the corner of the counter as she fell. She died a few hours later at the age of 33. Her daughter, Shelley, just retired form a 35 year teaching career in Marysville. She visits Ruthie & me often and loves Eatonville.

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