Eatonville’s Boxer – Noah Smith, aka Tommy Ryan

Tommy Ryan and Jimmy Devine
Tommy Ryan and Jimmy Devine

Noah Smith became one of the original settlers in Eatonville, when his folks and brothers moved here from North Carolina. But Noah was probably better known around town for being a professional boxer.

William D. Smith writes, “Smith was Australian light weight champion and fought Ad Wolgast in London, England for the Worlds Title. His fighting name was Tommy Ryan and is in all the old record books as such.”

If you Google around, you’ll find information about Tommy Ryan’s boxing career. I found these stats and picture on

Welterweight Champion 1894-1897,
Recognized Middleweight Champion 1897-1907.

Brutal bare-fisted boxing was popular during this era. In 1890 New Orleans legalized prizefighting under the rules created in 1867 by the marquess of Queensbury. Aimed at reducing boxing’s brutality, these rules required the use of gloves, prohibited wrestling holds, limited rounds to three minutes, among other things.

Noah and Rose Smith
Noah and Rose Smith

This second pictture shows a retired Noah standing with his wife, Rose.

Photo courtesy of the Smith family.

Click on image to enlarge.

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