Eatonville School Plant, ca. 1915

Eatonville School, 1915
Eatonville School, 1915

In 1915, when the Eatonville high school was construction, the Eatonville school was one of the best around.

Here is a small write up. I’m not sure where it was published, but it reads . . .

“The above picture gives a panorama view of the Eatonville School Plant. To the left is the grade school, in the center is the gymnasium and on the right the high school.

The later is the newest of the buildings, having been built in 1915. The pay for the $45,000 bond issue was celebrated on Community Day. It is a modern structure and helped greatly to establish the reputation of good schools which Eatonville has. The gymnasium was built in 1913 and is also one of the best in this part of the state.

In the foreground are a number of the busses, which daily transport pupils from outlying districts. By consolidation students attend the Eatonville schools from Alder, La Grande, Clay City, Weyerhaeuser, Silver Lake, Rainier, Edgerton and Benston.”

Click on image to enlarge.


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