Ad for Depot Hotel

Depot Hotel Ad 1947
Depot Hotel Ad 1947

The Depot Hotel was built in 1912 by R. Marti. The building changed hands at least a few times.

In 1930, Marti sold the hotel to Gertrude Faris of Oakland, Calif. In 1941 Gertrude sold it to H. Pierce of Eatonville. The next year, Pierce sold it to A. M. Pugh of Coulee City.

It must of changed hands yet again because it re-opend up under new management in 1947, based on this ad that ran in the Eatonville Dispatch.

Photos courtesy of the Dispatch and Pat Van Eaton.

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Depot Hotel on the right

Depot Hotel on the right

3 responses to “Ad for Depot Hotel”

  1. I like the phone number 9-R-2. My uncle grew up in Eatonville & recounts asking for a number & the operater would say the it wasn’t any use to call beacuse they wre out of town.


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