Logging Deaths Mount in 1923

A.W. Bridge Hospital, 1920, located across the street from High School on Mashell Ave.
A.W. Bridge Hospital, 1920, located across the street from High School on Mashell Ave.

1923 was a dangerous year in the woods if you were in Eatonville.

There were nine deaths and two serious injuries to Eatonville loggers. There could have been more, but those were the ones reported at the Eatonville hospitals.

Here are are few of the grizzly details:

• Dan Crabill was crushed to death in May when a load of logs pulled by runaway horses swerved as they crossed the state road.

• John Kalafatich, a bucker working for Eatonville Lumber Company,was killed instantly when a larger tree, hit a smaller tree, which struck him.

• Irvin Kendall was knocked 15 feet and broke his neck when a tree hit the tree he was felling.

* Paul Woock of Ashford and Harry Howell were killed in September. It’s believed they were cutting down a tree and got in line with the haul-back line.

• William J. Howden lost his life when logs rolled off a car.

• Yotaro Sakai was killed by a car that broke loosed and shot down a steep hill.

• Norman Evert, Carol Lobinger and a Japanese man, all working for Pacific National Lumber Company, were instantly killed (one man seriously injured) when a cylinder head was blown out of a donkey engine.

Eatonville Hospital
The only saving grace was that Eatonville did have medical facilities. This picture was taken in 1920 outside the hospital (now a residence on the corner across from the Eatonville High School). Dr. A. W. Bridge, I believe is the man on the far left.

Photo courtesy of Hendrickson Family and Abbi Wonacott.

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6 responses to “Logging Deaths Mount in 1923”

  1. The Paul Woock listed above was my uncle do you have any pictures of him? He was my dad’s brother and was killed when they pulled the Haul-back line before it was attached completely and acted as a whip and crushed my uncle and the other boy. I have the coins that were in his pocket.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Paul Woock


    • Hi, I’ll definitely see if any pictures show up with his name. Logging pictures tend to be pretty general. Do you know who he logged for? Thanks!


      • Hi Diane,
        I am not sure and my dad passed some 10 years ago. Not sure if any one is left that would know.

        Thank You,


  2. Hello,

    William Howden listed above is my grandfather, do you have any photos of him?

    Thank you,

    Alice Hancuff


      • Hi Diane,

        Okay, thanks. I know he worked as a bushman for Howden Bros. construction company and sawmill. He was only 37 when he died and my mother only 2 years old.

        Thanks, Alice


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