Barney’s Opens 1945

Ad for Barney's Opening in 1945
Ad for Barney's Opening in 1945

This ad came out in a November 1945 issue of the Dispatch.

Barney Malcolm (Keith Malcom‘s brother), came back after WWII — a survivor of Pearl Harbor — and opened the restaurant.

Barney’s was located on corner of Highway 161 and the Eatonville Cutoff Rd., and has for decades been called Barney’s Corner. The restaurant  is no longer there, but the name lives on. Sitting in it’s place is Barney’s Corner Mini Mart.

Barmey's in 2011
Barmey's in 2011

1945 a Big Year for the Malcoms
1945 was the same year that Barney’s dad, Olaf Malcom retired and sold his lockers, market and slaughter house to Roy M. Moore and Fred Martin. Olaf had run the meat market in town for 27 years.

Image courtesy of the Dispatch.

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5 responses to “Barney’s Opens 1945”

  1. It seems to me that there were alot more social gathering places back in that era. Like Barneys, Kings Place, and The Ohop Bob. I remember as a kid eating dinner at Barneys with my family. Seems like alot of people would meet there for dinner, and drinks, and entertainment. As I remember they had a shuffle board game there too. A mini mart just doesn’t have the same feeling or community bond that the original Barneys did. Sometimes change, or progress, is not great.


    • I didn’t know about the shuffle board.

      Yeah, there were quite a few, including the Redman Hall which stood next to where Jebinos is. I know my dad said he used to go there. My mom says there were a lot up the line as well. — Yes, the mini mart is a poor substitute.


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