Eatonville Great Spot for Raising Chickens (1925)

Letter from T. C. Van Eaton's Real Estate letterhead
Letter from T. C. Van Eaton's Real Estate letterhead

This letter, presumable drafted by T.C. Van Eaton, makes the argument that Eatonville would be a wonderful spot for a poultry business. It’s definitely a draft, because you can see the scratched out words and edits. I especially like the part about “no cold to freeze wattles and combs”.

For those of you who don’t want to read the blue print, here’s what it says:

“Eatonville and vicinity is an ideal place to raise poultry on account of the climatic conditions, air currents, soil, drainage and the wonderful growth conditions existing in this favored locality. The climate is mild, no cold to freeze wattles and combs, very little snow or hail, nonviolent winds or excessive heat. Because of the splendid drainage there is little mud to contend with hence the yards and runs are dry enough for the comfort of health of the fowls.

The foothills breezes blow away practically all the fog that abounds nearer the salt water and occurs frequently higher up in the hills. The above conditions cause green and lush natural pastures for birds the year round.

Oats, wheat, rye, barley and other cereals grow well here, also kale and other green forage plants. Oats and kale are especially prolific.

Gravel and sharp sand together with shell abound in ample quantities and there is always abundance of pure water. Wild and tame meat are plentiful.

1914, Poultry Farm at Eatonville High School
1914, Poultry Farm at Eatonville High School

Eatonville is on the great paved road system of the State and also on the Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, hence has easy excess to the markets of the world. On account of the vast lumber industry, the mining of coal and other minerals, the water power, Nitrate and Clay plants employing large numbers of men at high wage make local markets exceptionally good.

Lastly, the tourist business is a great consumer of poultry and is always willing to pay the top price.

The ease and cheapness of obtaining so many kinds of food, suitable to the birds, the especially healthy conditions which make for a long life and prime conditions for poultry, the cheapness of lumber, gravel and sand and other building materials make for particularly happy and profitable condition in the Poultry business in this region.”

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