Fleet of Kelly Logging Trucks

Griffith & Graeber truck
Griffith & Graeber truck

Trees haven’t changed much, but the logging trucks sure have.

Pictured are Kelly Trucks  trucks owned by Griffith & Graeber logging out of Eatonville. In this first photo you can make out Goodyear on the tire.

The shots were taken around 1923.

Courtesy the Jack Graeber family.

Click on images to enlarge.


Fleet of Griffith & Graeber's  Kelly trucks
Fleet of Griffith & Graeber's Kelly trucks

5 responses to “Fleet of Kelly Logging Trucks”

  1. Looks like huge wheels with low profile tires were the fad waaay back then also !! (LOL) Those were solid rubber tires, no air needed. Probably not the softest ride, but never worry about a flat !!


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