Everyone’s Gathered at the Rainier School

Rainier School prior to 1902
Rainier School prior to 1902

This pictureoutside the Rainier School was taken prior to 1902 because I notice some Ohop kids, like Anna Peterson, in the back row. (1902 was when Ohop built their own school.)

Where is Waldo
I encourage folks to click on the photo and find some interesting details:
• Boy the the violin
• Boy with a banjo
• A little kid pulling his mom’s hat off.
• and a woman who has an uncanny resemblances to the Madame puppet.

Photo courtesy of the King family.

Click on image to enlarge.


2 responses to “Everyone’s Gathered at the Rainier School”

  1. Hi Di,

    I had a little time tonight so I spent some time looking at this picture. There are three people I can identify. The first is my Great Grand Father’s brother, Ed Williams. He is standing next to the wall right behind the fellow playing the violin. The other two are located on the other side. The man standing just to the left of the second window (from the right) is my great grand father on my grand mother’s side, Charles Duncan. He has gray hair and a full black beard. His wife, and my great grand mother Elizabeth Duncan, is standing just to the right of the same window. She is in the second row with the black dress. Her hands are folded and her hair is tied back, She always wore her hair that way. I have her obituary. It’s an interesting read.



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