Potter House – Then and Now

Potter Home on Center Street
Potter Home on Center Street

This house sits across from the family center on Center Street. It was originally built by Bob Potter (the town plumber) and his wife Orena (King) Potter in 1922.

Except for the landscaping, little has changed over the past 90 years.

Photos courtesy of Rich Williams and Chris Bivins.

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Potter home in 2011
Potter home in 2011

5 responses to “Potter House – Then and Now”

  1. That is such a classic house style. I notice that alot of new construction is trying to recapture that classic design, with the bold porch columns, and decorative dormers, etc.


      • I’m sure glad the house is being restored. I am envious of Rich and Ruthie for having such a cool house right in the heart of Eatonville. I keep an eye on the Eatonville area real estate, just an option when I retire.


  2. Bob Potter’s daughter Maggie is still alive & lives in Salinas CA. She told me her dad left Eatonville in the middle of the Great Depression because there was no work. He moved to Salinas and became the city plumbing inspecter. He retired there as the cheif inspecter. Salinas has a pop. of 150,000. Before he became a plumber he drove TC Van Eaton’s 6 horse stage on the Eatonville to Mt Rainier route.


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