Ohop Bob Menu

Ohop Bob menu Pg 1
Ohop Bob menu Pg 1

Thank you Ebay! Below is an Ohop Bob menu I just purchased.

Take a look at the prices. A full breakfast — tomato juice, ham and eggs, toast and coffee — for .75.

The full dinner with cocktail, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad, biscuits, dessert and drink, was $1.50.

If you want to know more of about the restaurant that overlooked Ohop Valley, just click HEREAnd if you’d like read about a man that once got away with murder by fleeing to Ohop Bob, click HERE.

Ohop Bob Menu Pg 2
Ohop Bob Menu Pg 2

Images courtesy of Diane Mettler.

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3 responses to “Ohop Bob Menu”

    • I’m not sure. I think it’s the 40s, but I thought I’d let Aunt Rosemarier take a look and see if it looked like the menus they used when she was working there.


  1. Add a zero to the right on MOST of the Items, and those would be about right for todays prices. so everything has multiplied by 10 times. Maybe 15, or 20 times on other things, like cars,houses, and gasoline !! Only about 5 times for wages though !! (or less, if unemployed at present !!) i still think I was born a generation too late , I really like the style of cars, clothes, and architecture of the 40’s !!


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