Elbe in the early 1920s

Elbe shop between meat market & hotel. Mr. Hardy owner of stores. Far R. John Bloom leaning on fence, Rev & Mrs. Karl Killian, center
Elbe hotel, shop, meat market

This shows Elbe as a booming little town. You can see the Elbe shop tucked between the grocery and the hardware store, as well Adam Sachs’ home up on the hilltop behind.

Mr. Hardy owned the stores. On the far left is R. John Bloom leaning on fence, Rev. and Mrs. Karl Kilian are standing next to him.

Karl Kilian was an early and beloved Lutheran missionary who designed the little Elbe Church. He served there from 1906 to 1935. Although he has been gone for many years, his church is still in use.

Information and photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton. 

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8 responses to “Elbe in the early 1920s”

  1. Nice photo! Any idea when it was taken? The location of the Adam Sach house, particularly the direction it is facing compared to the street we see in the foreground has me intrigued.


    • I’m not quite sure. I want to run up and see. I know that as you cross the Bridge (from Morton to Elbe) you see that side of the house. I’ll have to ask some of the folks in the know.


      • Well, judging by the tread depth of the tires and extensiveness of the key scratches around lock on the passenger door I’d say the car is about 32 to 33 months old give or take… [\ sarcasm]


        The Maxwell car has body features produced from 1916-1917 and maybe 18. Particularly the way the cowl ramps down from the windshield to the hood. The cowl is flat on post 1919 maxwells. The whole car is different in 1915.


  2. BTW, the Elbe 4th of July photo you have on here shows the buildings in this photograph clearly. The IOOF building still standing today appears to be directly across the street from the building with the car in front of it in this photo.

    Also, the two buildings we see in this photo are seen in the “Postcard” photo from the 1900s. This is the one taken of the whole town looking SE with the Adam Sach house directly in the center.


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