Suspension Bridge over Mashell

Swinging Bridge in Elbe
Swinging Bridge in Elbe

I believe this bridge was suspended over the Mashell River.

The next picture is of folks walking across a swinging bridge in Elbe.

I think these may be the same bridge. If anyone has any information on these bridges — or the people on the bridge for that matter — please speak up.

Images courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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Swinging bridge in Elbe, Wash.
Swinging bridge in Elbe, Wash.

2 responses to “Suspension Bridge over Mashell”

  1. It can’t be the Mashell if it’s in Elbe. That’s the Nisqually. Mashell is too far away to be in Elbe. I like the pictures. This website is awesome!


  2. That bridge would’ve either been in ELBE as in it would be at the nisqually river or it would’ve been in Eatonville at the Mashell river.


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