July 4th in Morton (ca. 1920)

July 4th, Morton entry
July 4th parade, Morton entry

This photo shows Morton’s entry in the 4th of July parade around 1920.

The photos was Bebe Larkin’s, who I believe was the son of the editor of the Dispatch, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Larkin, back in 1950 through at least 1954.

If anyone else has information on this photo or Bebe Larkin, please feel free to comments.

Photo courtesy of Debbie & Gary Saint.

Click on image to enlarge.

2 responses to “July 4th in Morton (ca. 1920)”

  1. Bebe Larkin was the SON. Bebe was still running the Dispatch in 1969, when I moved from Eatonville. Check with Roger Hoskins, He has better facts and history, etc. on the Dispatch. I know Bebe’s mom was still working at the “Patch” in ’69 also. The old dispatch building was across center street from Mashell Motors, and could see it from the showroom window.


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