Eatonville Logging Timeline — Created by the Eatonville History Project

Timber Timeline
Timber Timeline

Here is a timeline of Eatonville’s lumber past.  It was created by the Eatonville History Project, a group of local individuals working to connect Eatonville students with their local history.

Keep and eye out for more fun educational materials are on the horizon.

Image courtesy The Eatonville History Project.

Click on image to enlarge.


4 responses to “Eatonville Logging Timeline — Created by the Eatonville History Project”

  1. Very impressive time line. so sad to see so many mills closed or burned down. sure glad Eatonville survived after ELCO closed. I really like the huge mural of the lumber mill in its glory on the side of the motel in Eatonville, I always forget to take a picture of it when I’m up there. Maybe you could do a special feature on it !! (Just sayin’ !!)


    • Thank you for the information. Which photo are you looking at specifically? I want to make sure I correct the information.


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