Cruise News – 1931

The Cruiser paper - January 28, 1931
The Cruiser paper – January 28, 1931

Students of Eatonville were putting out the “Cruiser” news for decades. Here’s a sample of a page from January 28, 1931. Honor roll that year included:
Seniors: Nancie Auvil, Agnes Blau, Shirley Hecht, Olga Overlie, Iris Swanson, Geraldine Savlick
Billy Mukai, George Snow, Leon Wheeler, Elsie Beottcher
Sophmore: Anita Hyde
Freshman: Nell Van Eaton, Ann Louise Snow, Betty LeLano, Alice Carlson, Adeline Adamson

What was happening in 1931
1931 was an eventful year.
• Folks realized the stock market crash was real — unemployment doubles to 16.3%.
Al Capone was convicted and sent to Alcatraz.
• The Empire State Building was finished.
• Los Vegas decided to legalize gambling.
• The average house cost $6,790.
• The average income was $1,850 a year.
• You could get a gallon of gas for 10 cents, and
• You could pick up a new car for $640.

Image courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

Click on image to enlarge.

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