Marie Lutkins (1913)

Marie Lutkens postcard from Peggy 1913
Marie Lutkens postcard from Peggy 1913

A postcard sent to Marie Lutkins (daughter of Henry Lutkins), January 23, 1913, from Peggy.

Sounds like Peggy has a sense of humor when she talks about “old maids”. The two women sounds like good friends — Peggy in Alder and Marie in Elbe.

This was probably written with a fountain pen. Lewis Edson Waterman, an insurance broker, invented the first one in 1884 and they caught on rapidly.

Photo courtesy of Diane Mettler.

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Marie Lutkens postcard 1913 (front)
Marie Lutkens postcard 1913 (front)


2 responses to “Marie Lutkins (1913)”

  1. Actually the way the ink goes from dark to light, then dark again, etc, etc. it looks more like the old metal nib style pen that was dipped into ink, and held a small quantity of ink each time it was dipped. I believe the fountain pen was designed to write with a more consistant flow of ink. I do find it amusing that all that was needed for an address was a name,the town, and the state.


    • Thanks! Yeah, I love the postcards. Not only is there a lot of good detail about the time — like the skimpy addresses — but you get to read their words. Talking out loud so to speak. 🙂


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