Robin Hood Day parade (ca. 1955)

Robin Hood Day Parade (1954)
Robin Hood Day Parade (1954)

One of many thing things that came out of Operation Bootstrap — a community effort to keep the town going — was Robin Hood Days.

The idea was to build the community into “a state archery center” and create an event that would bring people to Eatonville. On March 18, 1954, the Dispatch reported, “Robin Hood Days would be a magnet to draw archers not only from this state, but also from neighboring states.”

The picture is a Bootstrap parade down Mashell Ave. letting people know about Robin Hood Day. Noticed the hats and vests. They were sewn by town seamstresses like Martha Parrish.

Photo courtesy of Rich Williams.

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  1. I took archery lessons sometime as a kid, I don’t think i did that good, not enough upper arm strength to pull the arrow back far enough to make it “Fly” My memories of archery makes me “Quiver” !!


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