Football Through the Years (1930s – 1957)

1941 Eatonville Football team
1941 Eatonville Football team

Since it’s the Super Bowl today, it seems fitting to show a few shots about Eatonville’s football team and fields.

The first shot is the 1941 Eatonville football team on the field in what looks like a practice. Helmets and pads have come a long way since the 40s.

The second shot was taken probably in the 1930s. Back then the field was more baseball than football.

The last shot is of a night game in 1957 — surprising similar to the field today, 55 years later.

Photos courtesy of Rich Williams.

Click on images to enlarge.


Football field (ca. 1930s)
Football field (ca. 1930s)










Football game 1957 - lit field
Football game 1957 – lit field

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