Ohop Road Maps (1907)

Ohop Valley Rd. E. (1907)
Ohop Valley Rd. E. (1907)

I’ll let these maps speak for themselves. The are of the survey maps for the Kjelstad Road (where a lot of the Nisqually Land Trust salmon work is going on today) and the Ohop Valley Rd. (where the Pioneer Farm operates).

The surveys were done March 23-30, 1907.  Adolph Funke was the County Surveyor and they were done by R. E. Libby Depupty County Surveyor.

It’s fun to find spot the names of the families that farmed along these two roads. My family purchased the J. Malm piece in 1946 and still lives on a section of it today.

Images courtesy of Linda Lewis.

Click on images to enlarge.

Kjelstad Road (1907)
Kjelstad Road (1907)

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