Berlin Avenue in Elbe (ca. 1915)

Berlin Ave. in Elbe (ca. 1915)
Berlin Ave. in Elbe (ca. 1915)

This shot of Berlin Ave. was taken in the early 1900s. The building on the far right is under construction, and will soon be a grocery and hardware store. If you look closely you can see a boy standing under the Dean sign.

The IOOF building (tall white building on the left) is still standing today.

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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9 responses to “Berlin Avenue in Elbe (ca. 1915)”

  1. That is a good one! Does Berlin street still exist today? The streets are now numbered. If there is still a street in the exact same location today it would be a great help in visualizing where everything used to be.

    Nice find.


      • It seemed to be a popular place in town. The photo taken on the 4th of July 1904 was done so on the other side of the street in the foreground. The recent photo you posted with the Maxwell motor car was taken very close to where the July 4-1904 photo was taken, though aimed more to the right.

        I’ll bet that in this picture we can actually see where the people who took the other two photos would have stood. It would be really cool to know where this road was.

        I’m headed through Elbe next week to camp and wheel the weekend. Maybe the man who runs the store in the IOOF building knows something?


      • Regarding the LOOF Hall location in Elbe: After the store on the right hand side of this photo burned, the LOOF hall was moved to the previous store’s location, where it remains. The second story of the building was removed (late 70’s or early 80’s) when the owners of the grocery store had trouble getting fire insurance.


  2. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be stopping at the IOOF building with one question for the current proprietor. When and how many times has the IOOF building been moved?

    It was moved once in 1904 or 05. After studying the available photos (seven) I am running into a significant inconsistency between them regarding the IOOF location. Everything else fits.


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