The Logs – Resort Motel and Restaurant

The Logs, Ashford, WA
The Logs, Ashford, WA

If you were headed up to Paradise years ago, you might have stopped by “The Logs”  for the evening. Below is what was printed on the back of their postcard, and it sounds like a great time. I don’t know if there are many hotels with trout ponds any more.

The Logs — Resort Motel and Restaurant
“One the Road to Paradise”

Mount Rainier’s most distinctive hostelry specializing in fine foods and comfortable accommodations. A stay at THE LOGS is an experience you’ll long remember. Swimming pool, trout pond, shuffle board and gift shop. Three dimensional color pictures of Mount Rainier and the Pacific Northwest shown on screen nightly to our guests. For reservations  phone Ashford 5201 or write Ashford, Washington.

Recommended by AAA and United Motor Courts.

If you have information about The Logs, please feel free to share.

Image courtesy of Rich Williams.

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10 responses to “The Logs – Resort Motel and Restaurant”

  1. The last owner was “Red” Jones & sometime in the early 60’s he abandoned the business in such a hurry that he lef tmost of his personal belongings behind.I think Randy Stewart could fill in the details.


  2. I worked at The Logs during the summer of 1961, cleaning cabins and staffing the gift shop. Late in the summer there was a fire in the kitchen which spread and resulted in the main restaurant building burning to the ground. All of the summer workers (including me) who lived above the restaurant lost all of their clothing and other possessions. Red Jones had not paid us anything for our work, so we took him to court for back wages. I ended up with just $100 for the summer. Not long after that he left Washington State and ended up in California (I think).


      • After college (Go Huskies!) I spent some time in the Midwest and then ended up in Northern California. I still have relatives in the Seattle area, so I visit now and then. My other connection to the area around Mt. Rainier is that my father grew up in Randle where his parents owned a general store.


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