Sign to Ohop Bob (ca. 1917)

Ohop Bob Sign
Ohop Bob Sign

I didn’t know that Ohop Bob had a sign, but I guess it did. The restaurant, was built in 1914 and burned in the early 1960s. A lot happened in those decades, and if you’d like to read more,  just click HERE.

I believe the woman in the photo is Laura (King) Josselyn, that purchased the building with her husband in 1917 from the Tacoma Automobile Club.

This photo comes from the King/Taylor family. Thank you.

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4 responses to “Sign to Ohop Bob (ca. 1917)”

  1. What a time that must have been to live in, automobiles were the NEW invention, and imagine touring the curvey roads up the Mountain Hiway to the “Bob” to have lunch on the way up to Paradise Lodge. We are so used to traveling on freeways at 70+ miles per hour, we have lost the thrill of open road touring on primative roads, for the excitement of the ride to get to new unexplored destinations !!


    • Yeah, it would be pretty cool. A hundrd years from now people will probably say, it must have been exciting when thhe first iPad came out. 🙂


      • What is an ipad ??(LOL) I’m still trying to find an 8 track player for all the great 8 track tapes I have !! (LOL) Our grandkids have gadgets that I will NEVER understand !! I am definitly an old man !! I still call the remote a clicker !! (not really, but almost that bad !!) I DO have a collection of 60 or so cassett tapes… luckily i still have a cassett player. !!!
        I think the older We get the harder change is, I know i miss the 60’s and 70’s !!


      • I agree. I’m SO thankful I got the chance to grow up as a kid in the 70s and my first crush was Starsky from Starsky and Hutch. 🙂 and I still play KC and the Sunshine Band. And boy was it cool to be young, grab your bikini and head for the lake and your biggest worries were which boys might be there, 🙂

        But I like 2012 too. There’s some cool things (although me in a bikini isn’t one if them), like being confortable in my own skin, being able to blog and share the history of a place I love, HBO, the Internet, my cool Bug with heated seats, the excitement of what’s ahead. With luck maybe a new bikini. 🙂


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