Eatonville Police Car (1942)

Marshal Daly's 1941 Ford Coupe
Marshal Daly's 1941 Ford Coupe

Eatonville’s police cars have come a long way over the years. This 1941 Ford Coupe was Marshal Clair Daly’s vehicle when he was the Eatonville Marshal in 1942.

The Ford car was updated in 1941, in preparation for a time of unpredictability surrounding WWII. For example, the front fenders came in three pieces, the theory being that small damage could be replaced easily. (per Wikipedia)

Thank you Abbi Wonocatt for providing the photo.

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5 responses to “Eatonville Police Car (1942)”

  1. WOW !! I actually didn’t know that tidbit of Ford trivia. 3 piece fenders, a pretty good idea. Learn something new from this site everytime I look at it !! thanks Diane !!


  2. Thanks, Diane. This was Grandpa’s personal car. They had fun playing with the “spot light” he installed on the driver’s side. Mom says he was marshal, dog cather, and more!


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