World War II and the Woman got to Work at that Eatonville Lumber Mill

Women working at the Eatonville Lumber Co — WWII
Women working at the Eatonville Lumber Co — WWII

Rosie the Riveter has nothing on the Eatonville women. During WWII they went to work at the Eatonville Lumber Mill. This picture shows just how many filled the vacant spots left by the men fighting overseas. And judging by the stacks of lumber behind them ready for sale, they did a pretty good job.

If you can help fill in the missing names, please let us know.

Row 1: (Front) Homer Cox, May Ball, Sylvia Beurman, Bertha Moorehead, Alice Nowek, Dolly Roberts, Florence Smith, Ruth Logston

Second Row: Laura Paulis, Mary Ellen, Mary Guidi, Wilma Apple, Olga Olson, Evelyn Nowek, Rudy Graber, Ruth Meier, Florence De Witt, Ben Lorenzen

Third Row: Edith Hyde, John Lorenzen, Ellen Hutton, John Besch, Frank DeAndrea, Frank Hoffman, Yolanda Mariani, Dan Ceccarini, Millie Nelson, Bertha Krones, Lil Neistadt

Thank you Dick Logston for this photo and Rich and Ruthie Williams for running down the names.

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8 responses to “World War II and the Woman got to Work at that Eatonville Lumber Mill”

  1. Wonderful photo that really tells the story of lumberjills stepping in to fill the vacancies left by men going to war. Would someone contact me. I would very much like to use the photo in a book coming out this October covering how women in WWII helped to keep America free.


    • Hi, I really like the photo too. Let me contact the gentleman I got the photo from and see if it’s OK. His mother is one of the women. 🙂


    • I checked with the owner of the photo and he’s willing to share the photo. I’m emailing you his address. 🙂 Good luck.


  2. I am so glad to find this photo. Bertha KRONES is my grand aunt. I also would like permission to have a copy of this photo to use in my family history writing.


  3. Holy Cow a young Dan Ceccarini or that was his father. moved to Alder Lake around 1976 was just a young choker setter. Met a DAn Checcarini in eatonvill he lived in mill towne. If your from there you know what I am talking, the old mill housing area in eatonville. this Dan had been around town a long time so I am sure hes one in the same. I also know Monte King from up that way he has an old photo of dan and an old american made motorcycle think Dan belonged to the old tacoma chief motor cycle club. If I recall right I also was aquanted with a Rick Mettler, been long time be well was darn neat to see this photo heck went on line to find the Nelso mill in Rainier WA.


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