May Day 1952

1952 May Day Court
1952 May Day Court

May Day is coming up. It’s an interesting tradition in Eatonville — a royal court, elementary school dances — including a traditional May Pole dance —vendors and more.

Here’s a shot of the 1952 May Day court. Take a look at the backdrop. I think it’s covered with tulips. They spared no expense in 52′.

1952 Court
Back row, LtoR: Mr. Tone (Principal), Tommy Lonn, Gary Allison, ??, Ernie Jones, Queen Grace Gallager, King Charles Hale, Blank Bernovich (sp?), Roy Swanson, Dick Logston, Lloyd Stewart.

First Row LtoR: ? Predmore, Shirley Jones, Anita Pecciho, (rest unknown).

Photo courtesy of Dick Logston.

Click on image to enlarge.

5 responses to “May Day 1952”

  1. Thanks for posting this… my mom is Shirley Jones in the pic… she married Frank Reed in Minersville, PA, had me in 1968 and I eventually moved to Kent, WA from PA in 2001 because she brought me back for years and shared the beauty of this place with me. Shirley passed in 2009… I miss her every day… this is a GREAT picture… thanks again for sharing it!


    • Hi, THANK YOU for sharing the information about your mom. Sorry to hear she passed away. She’ll always be a part of Eatonville!


  2. Frank Reed, Sorry to hear of your mother Shirley Jones passing. She was a very popular young lady in school. As Dimettler says she will always be a part of Eatonville.


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