Fairbairn Cigar Token (early 1900s)

Fairbairn Token (early 1900s)
Fairbairn Token (early 1900s)

I purchased the A. U. Fairbairn token off Ebay this week. Tokens were popular in the early 20th century. This one is worth 5 cents and I’m guessing it was used at his Club Cigar Store before 1921, when he sold it to C. A. Tattler for $32,000 (approximately $400,000 today.)

A. U. Fairbairn was on the town council and a year earlier the Mr. and Mrs. Fairbairn were noted for helping “the boys and girls of Eatonville win the Pierce County Club Championship for their efforts in growing Victory Gardens.

Images courtesy of Diane Mettler.

Fairbairn Token (early 1900s) Front
Fairbairn Token (early 1900s) Front

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