ESH Classes Offered in 1912-13

EHS Cattalog 1912-13 - Course Outline
EHS Cattalog 1912-13 – Course Outline

If you were wondering what your child would be learning when they started school in 1912 — this outline would help you out. This was taken straight from the 1912-1913 EHS School Catalog.

I think that it’s interesting that science included “hygiene” one day of week through 7th grade and bumped up to 2 days when you reached 8th grade. Also, that one of the core classes in 9th grade was agriculture.

Photo courtesy of Rich and Ruth Williams.

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One response to “ESH Classes Offered in 1912-13”

  1. Bring it ALL back !! I really like the “Manners and Morals” too!! I may be old fashioned, but there are a whole lot of kids that are graduating from school and still not have the basic writing skills, or simple math knowledge.
    One of grandaughters was having a hard time writng her letters and numbers (legibly that is)She was told by her elementry school teacher that learning how to write the alphabet and numbers was not important because everybody uses a keybord anyway !! That just is NOT right !!
    I would like to see manors, and respect, and resposibillty for their own actions all brought back to the school room. A trip to the principles office for a swat did alot more to teach us right from wrong, than any amount of “time-out” !!
    I guess what I am saying is I would like to see schools getting back to some basic education and rules.


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