Mildred (Babe) Lister — Owner of Babe’s Cafe

Mildred (Babe) Listers of Babe's Cafe
Mildred (Babe) Lister of Babe's Cafe

Before it was the Tall Timbers, the restaurant was known as Babe’s Cafe. Mildred Lister, better known as Babe, opened the cafe on Mashell Ave. in 1947 and operated the establishment for decades.

So, when you hear an old time Eatonville resident talk about “Babe’s”, now you know.

Photo courtesy of Babe’s niece, Norma Holt.

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8 responses to “Mildred (Babe) Lister — Owner of Babe’s Cafe”

  1. Thanks Diane, for posting this story and picture. Babe’s Cafe was sooo much a part of Eatonvilles’ history through the 50’s and 60’s that it would not be right to not show this !!
    Babe was a few years older than this picture by the time I was buying school burgers and chocolate shakes at Babe’s Cafe.
    Babe’s was quite the hangout on the weekend mornings for the Monday through Friday working guys. They would all meet there for breakfast on the weekends. I think it would be great if the new owners of the Tall Timber cafe would rename it back to Babe’s Cafe..(just sayin’..)


    • I thought of you as I was posting this. 🙂 My mom and dad only know it as Babe’s. Seems like she was there forever. :/)


  2. Babe always drove a Buick Roadmater car & was a big fan of Eatonville High School basketball attending almost every home & alway games.


  3. When Babe had it it only had the counter and 3 booths down the wall and a table in front. Pretty small but served a lot of people.


  4. I have fond memories of Babe’s cafe! Many times when the team was traveling for away games, I would have dinner at Babes after school.
    I usualy ordered her Hot Roast beef and a milkshake. Babe was always very cordial and inqured about the team. Great memories of a great gal. Dick Logston


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