Bridge Near LaGrande

Private bridge across Nisqually Canyon
Private bridge across Nisqually Canyon

When I came across this photo, my heart stopped. Who used ti? And even more frightening, how did they built it?

Pat VanEaton supplied me some of the information.

“It went across the Nisqually Canyon near the Tacoma Power pipeline There were homesteaders on the south side of the canyon that used it. I’m fairly certain that it was a private endeavor. The Kruse family homesteaded across the bridge and left or sold their claim when their son Paul entered Eatonville high school. I believe it was gone by 1930.”

The Kruse family was one of the first settlers in the in Alder area. They built their round log cabin in 1892. (Per History of Southeastern Pierce County.)

If you look closely you can see the Canyada Lodge  on the far hill, sticking out a little behind the trees on the right,

Photo courtesy of Beryl Olson.

Click on image to enlarge.


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