Eatonville Center Street, Early 1900s & 1950

Center Street  (ca. 1950)
Center Street (ca. 1950)

These pictures aren’t the best quality, but it gives you an idea of the transformation of Center Street over the years. The first image is of Center Street (looking down at Mashell).

You can see on the left the back of the Red and White store, which is now a parking lot next to Kirk’s Pharmacy. And straight ahead is Christensen Motors, which is now Sears.  The Historical Society also noted with this photo, “Building at the right was one of three cottages on hotel grounds. Hotel Annex torn down. 1953.”

The next shot, taken much earlier (early 1900s) shows the same store on the left, as well as Christensen’s Hardware store and saloon.

Early Center Street in Eatonville - Christensen's Hardware store and salloon
Early Center Street in Eatonville – Christensen's Hardware store and salloon

Photos courtesy of the South Pierce County Historical Society.

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5 responses to “Eatonville Center Street, Early 1900s & 1950”

  1. I really like the photo from the ’50s. A very good shot of Christensen Motors. and also something I had totally forgotten about, the cleaners on the left side of Center St. behind the Red & White store . I think it was called Rainier cleaners, or Mt.View cleaners, or something along that line,I can’t remember for sure. Maybe Pat will remember the name. Thanks Diane for posting these great pics of the past !!


  2. I can barely read it, but the Building in the center of the 1900’s photo appears to be a Hardware AND Furniture store, I guess Christensens sold furniture also !!


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