Request for Expenses to T. C. Van Eaton (1925)

L. L. Benbow to T. C. Van Eaton (1925)
L. L. Benbow to T. C. Van Eaton (1925)

I enjoy photos of days gone by, but it’s things like this — a request for payment of expenses on New Washington Hotel stationery from L. L. Barrbow to T. C. Van Eaton — that make the images come alive.

The note reads,

Dear Friend:

As per plan, I am sending a statement of expenses incurred by me in three traveling trips, traveling alone.

On six separate days, when traveling with men from Kapowsin, they paid all expsenses.

If a check is sent at once, I will have it for my Olympia trip next Monday.

As ever,

L.L. Barrbow

New Washington Hotel
New Washington Hotel

Just a little note on the New Washington Hotel — it still stands.

“James Moore constructed the elegant 14-story New Washington Hotel (now the Josephinum, 1902 Second Avenue). When it was completed in 1908 it was the city’s premier hotel with 250 rooms and an elegant marble lobby and dining room.

Its guests have included Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding. Much later, Elvis Presley stayed here when he was filming It Happened at the World’s Fair. The exterior has extensive terra cotta, with an unusual worm-like design. The building has been used for low-income housing since 1963 and was completely renovated in 1991. The former dining room now accommodates a Catholic church.” (Per

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton and

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2 responses to “Request for Expenses to T. C. Van Eaton (1925)”

  1. Eatonville & Kapowsin formed a Good Roads Committee to lobby for a State Hwy from Orting thru Kapowsin to Eatonville & I think this may be Mr.Benbow of the Benbow Lake Resort who was represented Eatonville.


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