Showing off Black Bear Outside Snow Hotel

Rant White and possibly Scott Turner with a bear
Rant White and possibly Scott Turner with a bear

The information I was given with this photo was that it was taken outside Snow Hotel (now Eatonville Manor). The two men have taken down a black bear that sits between them. The man on the left looks a lot like Rant White.

I have no way to confirm this, but I think the guy on the right may be Scott Turner. (Yes, the guy the road in Eatonville’s named after.) Rant White was a colorful guy, moved to Eatonville prior to 1903 and was known as a crafty trapper. In November 1928 he was called on to trap a bear for Scott Turner  at his farm on the Mashell River. Rant hadn’t lost his touch. He got the bear and it was a big one. It weighed in at 300 pounds. (Per History of Southeastern Pierce County.)

I wish I knew why Rant has a shovel in his hand.

Photo courtesy of Debbie and Gary Saint.

Click on image to enlarge.

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