Day in the Dispatch – Feb. 9, 1927

Piece of a page from the Eatonville Dispatch, February, 1927
Piece of a page from the Eatonville Dispatch, February, 1927

This snippet from the Eatonville Dispatch, February 9, 1927, gives you a feeling for the everyday goings on in the town the. Some things harken back to a simpler time, when who visited was a newsworthy item. In other areas we can see how far we’ve come as a society (i.e. we’re no longer referring to folks as “colored”).

But for the most part, life goes on like it always has. Movies are still playing in town (although then they were silent). There are still politics — T.C. Van Eaton and H.S. Pravitz battling it out for school director. There are tragedies, like the death of someone taken too young, and there is still good fun, like dances and suitcase contests, which Frank Van Eaton wins, dressing like a woman.

Life in Eatonville. The more it changes, the more it stays the same.

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Image courtesy of Linda Lewis.


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