Daniel Neilson vs. Horse (ca. 1930s)

Daniel Neilson (and probably Dale Neilson behind) at the Jensen Farm
Daniel Neilson (and probably Dale Neilson behind) at the Jensen Farm

Animals on the farm have a mind of their own. Daniel Neilson struggles here to get a horse into the Jensen’s cow barn. (Dale Neislon may be helping him.) The chicken coop is off the right.

On a side note, the United Kingdom has a “man vs. horse” competition.

“Man vs. horse is a sport in which man competes with horse in an enduring competition using strength, agility and stamina against horse. The sport began in 1980 because of an argument. Gordon Green and Lanurtid Wells overheard an argument between two gentlemen about whether or not man could outrun horse in a long distance competition.

Gordon thought that it would be a great idea to test this theory, and thus the “Man vs. Horse Marathon” was born.

Man V Horse Marathon
Man V Horse Marathon

The marathon is 22 miles in length and its terrain consists of hills, swamps, creeks and fields. You can participate in the marathon as an individual or with a team. Horses that participate in the competition of course have riders.

For the first 24 years of the competition, horses have been the victor and have defeated man. However, in 2004, year 25, man finally sought revenge and became victorious over horse. Hugh Lobb of the United Kingdom became the first man to win the competition in a record time of 2 hours, 5 minutes, 19 seconds. He took the grand prize of 25,000 pounds.

Man was victorious again in 2007. Florian Holtsinger of Germany took the title home that year.” (Man vs. Horse by Allyyah Bahareh Fatin)

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