Upper Nisqually Gun Club – 1956

Upper Nisqually Gun Club
Upper Nisqually Gun Club

This photo and article came right of out of the family photo alblum. The article reads:

Gun Club Echoes (by Bill Smith)

“Why don’t we do this more often?” was what everyone was saying at the Upper Nisqually Gun Club trophy shoot and picnic at the club’s Rimrock Recreation Area last Sunday. This was the first affair of this kind the club has sponsored since the gala picnics of 1950 and 1951.

About 100 gathered for a grab bag dinner built around hams furnished by the club. Mrs. Ed Vergne and Wilma Urich cooked the hams and they were much enjoyed by all present.

Besides the usual emblems, trophies and cups furnished by the club to the winning shooters, Helmar Norberg donated all second place prizes, Jess Dawkins, Larry Ward and George Hlavin donated third prizes and Pete Cerkan donated “booby” prizes.

Ed Vergne won the 16-yard trophy with a 48×50 score, closely followed by Ted Hibbard and Pete Cerkan with 47s. Cerkan won the shoot-off for second place. Roy “Boogie” Kuhn got his first 25 straight in this event and will soon be sporting awards from the company that manufactured his gun and the shells he was shooting. Glen Clark was sporting his new awards this week.

Mel Weese was high in the tough 22-yard event with a 43×50 score. Ex-champions Ed Vergne and Ben Lorenzen were close behind with 41s.

Ed Vernge tried his best to keep the cup he donated five years ago from going out of circulation but just couldn’t do it as bill Smith beat him, 46×50 to 45×50 and won the skeet championship fro the third straight year and permanent possession of the skeet cup.

Trophy scores: 16-yard: Ed Vergne 48, Pete Cerkan 47, Ted Hibbard 47, Roy Kuhn 46, Mel Weese 46, John Urich 44, Bill Brashears 43, Frankie Hansler 43, Ben Lorenzen 42, Glen Clark 42, Lester Thrall 42, Ben Lochner 41, Bill Smith 37, James Key 35 and Orv Smith 32.

22-yard: Mel Weese 43, Ben Lorenzen 41, Ed Vergne 41, Ted Hibbard 40, Ben Lochner 39, John Urich 39, Frank Hansler 38, Pete Cerkan 37, Roy Kuhn 37.

Skeet: Bill Smith 46, Ed Vernge 45, Orv Smith 43, Ben Lochner 43, John Urich 41, Bill Brashears 38, Pete Cerkan 38, and Larry O’Neil 35.

In buddy shoots for groceries, Ben Lochner and Pete Cerkan were double winners with Ed Vergne, Ted Hibbard, Glen Clark and Roy Kuhn winning once each.

Images courtesy of the Smith family.

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2 responses to “Upper Nisqually Gun Club – 1956”

  1. My dad had a great,great,time putting on many events at The Eatonville Gun Club. He was the major person to get this club started and I remember many,many,club meetings that were held in our kitchen. Everyone who attended these meetings and these events always enjoyed themselves. Think about it, did Eatonville ever have a golf course, a drive-in restaurant, or other places to gather. Thank God for The Show Hall when it was opened or how about the bowling alley in Eatonville that most people have forgotten about.


    • Thank you for the note! And I should see if I can find some pictures of the bowling alley. My dad says if you go into Napa you can still tell where the blowing lane was.


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